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Welcome to the practice

This practice is owned and managed by Skin Specialists.

Skin Specialists / Dermatologists are specialist physicians who completed a master's degree in skin diseases for four years after graduating from medical school. In the USA, the equivalent qualification is to be a Board Certified Dermatologist.

With the background classic, conventional dermatology the prospect of optimizing skin health was a natural outflow of many years of treating diseased skin.

There is currently a bewildering array of treatments available on the market to treat the skin. Many are of real benefit but, alas, many are not worth the hype. The consumer is overwhelmed by advertisements, all claiming wondrous effects

The dermatologists and their team, all specialist dermatologists, trained at the University of Pretoria, will suggest the appropriate, effective treatment for your particular problem. A non-invasive, non-surgical treatment plan to care for and enhance your skin will be devised to suit your needs and pocket. Today there is definitely a suitable treatment for everyone.

Vibrant skin starts here!

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