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V-Beam Post Treatment care instructions

Care of the treated area:

Apply Cicabio cream to the treated area twice a day as long as the bruising/red discoloration (purpura) is present. If there is no discoloration or scabbing, a moisturizer may be used daily. It is important to keep the area moist until healed.

Showers are permitted, but gently pat the area dry. Do not rub with a towel or washcloth as the area is extremely delicate while the bruising/red discoloration (purpura) is present. If the legs are treated, avoid taking a bath during the first 48 hours as the intense heat may cause additional discomfort. Comfortable warm showers are recommended.

Any discomfort you may have (usually not lasting more than a few hours, if any) can be relieved with Panado.

After the red discoloration disappears, hyperpigmentation (brown colouring) or hypopigmentation (white) may be present for up to 3 to 5 months. This is rare but if it occurs use an SPF 50 sunblock on the area until the normal colour returns.

Avoid contact sports during healing if any scabbing or crusting is present to prevent injury to the treated site.

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