Information Sheet for Dermapen


An international pioneer, Dermapen® is a medically engineered and developed skin needling device that utilises 12 surgical grade micro needles to deliver effortless and effective skin needling. Employing patented technology, the micro needles are encased in an ergonomic automated pen utilising Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needles (AOVN) technology.

The AOVN technology allows the pen to glide smoothly over the skin delivering efficient, dramatic and long lasting results.

It manoeuvers freely across all facial and body contours and targets and treats the smallest or largest concerns in the hardest to reach places.

Over 1300 micro channels are produced at a speed of 108 revolutions per second.

The needles are disposable and free from titanium and nickel and will be tolerated by even the most allergic of skins.

Benefits and Features

  • Fractional skin rejuvenation
  • Increase patient comfort
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced epidermal damage
  • Removes needle bending
  • Versatility of needle depth to suit treatment area
  • Sterile to limit infection
  • Disposable easy interchangeable needles




  • Step 1: analgesic is applied to the affected area
  • Step 2: serums are applied to skin to help the Dermapen® glide across the skin.
  • Step 3: post treatment

Patient must avoid for at least 2 days:

  • Direct sunlight exposure
  • Intensive cardio exercise
  • Further clinical treatments i.e. laser
  • Tattooing
  • Applying active skin products
  • Excessive hot showers
  • Spray or self-tanning
  • Swimming in chlorinated water

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